Friday, November 18, 2016

Tips For Buying Riverside CA Cakes

RIVERSIDE, CA – Are you searching for Riverside CA Cakes? If so, you should try Sweet Daily Café. We specialize in creating delicious, custom cakes for all occasions, from fresh ingredients so you can have confidence in the cake that you buy from us especially if you are buying a cake for a birthday or corporate event.

What To Look For In A Riverside CA Cake

When buying a Riverside CA Cake it’s important to make sure that the cake you’re buying is made fresh and hasn’t sat on the shelf for days before you purchase it.

Many store bought cakes look like they are made fresh in the store when in reality they are made somewhere else and contain a variety of ingredients including: propylene glycol, unbleached flour and preservatives.

Simple taking the time to read a label and learn more about the Riverside Ca Cake that you’re buying can save you the hassle of having an upset stomach later on.

About Sweet Daily Café

Located at 3740 Iowa Ave #106, Riverside, CA 92507 Sweet Daily Café specializes in making Riverside, CA Cakes and delicious desserts including churros, shaved ice, Chantilly Cakes, tart cakes, mouse cakes, rainbow cakes and more!

Besides making fresh desserts on a daily basis our artisians are also skilled at creating desserts from around the world so instead of settling for a store bought dessert or generic slice of cake, stop by Sweet Daily Café and experience our delicious, unique desserts today.

Buy Riverside CA Cakes

To buy Riverside CA Cakes visit Sweet Daily Café today, we’re open 7 days a week until 10:00pm and 11:00pm on Friday’s and Saturday’s.

Learn more about us by clicking here or if you have questions please call us at (951) 530-8696 or visit our website by clicking here.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Alkaline-Ade – Learn More About Why Alkaline Is So Good For Your Body

Alkaline-Ade Drinks 

RIVERSIDE, CA – So you’re thinking about ordering an alkaline-ade “blue lemonade” drink from Sweet Daily Café but did you know that besides looking pretty, alkaline is actually really good for your body too?

In this article we will share with you more information about the health benefits of alkaline and how vital it is to helping your body heal itself after a workout, or stay healthy after a long hot day in the Inland Empire, especially this summer when temperatures here frequently top 100 degrees.

Alkaline – The Best Mineral for Your Body

Thanks to extensive research we know that having an alkaline enriched body is one of the best ways to fight off diseases like cancer and alkaline can also help your body in other ways too including offering you more energy, reduce arthritis, keeps your skin looking young, and alkaline also helps you to have a more restful sleep too!

Where to Get Alkaline

Besides buying an ice cold alkaline-ade drink from Sweet Daily Café in Riverside, CA, you can also find the alkaline mineral in a variety of foods including vegetables, fruits and Apple Cider Vinegar.

Sadly most people have bodies that are over acidic thanks to their consumption of soda and other highly acidic drinks but with our alkaline-ade drink you can “positively charge” your body with alkaline and offer your body something that will actually help it get stronger and healthier.

Order An Alkaline-Ade

To order an alkaline-ade drink visit Sweet Daily Café today at 3740 Iowa Ave #106, Riverside, CA 92507. We’re open Monday through Friday from 12:00 pm to 10:00 pm.

Friday, July 22, 2016

Shaved Ice in Riverside CA – The Best Way to Stay Cool

Shaved Ice in Riverside CA

RIVERSIDE, CA – With the heat in Riverside, CA heading back into the triple digits as we get closer to August one of the best ways for you to stay cool this summer is to enjoy shaved ice in Riverside CA at Sweet Daily Café.

Unlike other dessert cafes in Riverside, CA that serve shaved ice we specialize in creating delicious shaved ice in a variety of flavors so that you could order a shaved ice from Sweet Daily Café every day and enjoy a different taste every single time.

The Best Shaved Ice in Riverside, CA

Come to Sweet Daily Café today to try our shaved ice and you can choose from a variety of flavors including: mixed berry, sweet red bean, mango pineapple, cream & cheese, cold brew coffee with caramel and chocolate brownie.

What’s cool about Sweet Daily (besides having the best shaved ice in Riverside, CA) is that we’re always working on new flavors for our shaved ice and cakes so you can enjoy delicious, original tastes and flavors that you won’t find elsewhere in Southern California.

Don’t Forget About Our Alkaline-Ade Drinks!

During another hot summer in Riverside, CA it’s more important than ever before for everyone to not only stay hydrated during the summer but also to stay alkalinized as well because studies have shown that an alkalinized body is better able to ward off sickness and recover faster especially after spending the day outside on a summer day.

When you come to Sweet Daily Café for the Best Shaved Ice in Riverside CA, or one of our alkaline-ade drinks, you should also order a churro, or one of our savory churro dogs, which is a savory hot dog that’s wrapped in a churro bun. It’s a perfect combination of salty and sweet!

Learn more about Sweet Daily café by visiting our Yelp profile here, follow us on Facebook and visit us today at: 3740 Iowa Ave, Suite 106, Riverside, CA 92507.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Friday, June 10, 2016

Frozen Delights in Riverside CA – Where to Find the Best Shaved Ice and More

Frozen Delights Riverside CA

Are you searching for Frozen Delights in Riverside, CA? If so, why not try Sweet Daily Café?

At Sweet Daily Café we specialize in frozen delights like shaved ice but unlike other dessert places who only offer one thing, we also can offer you a wide variety of other frozen delights too like churros, cakes and so many delicious sweet treats that you just might be tempted to visit us every day of the week.

Delicious Frozen Delights in Riverside CA

When you first step foot in Sweet Daily Café you will notice that something is different compared to other dessert cafés in Riverside and it’s the pride that we take in making delicious desserts that aren’t just generic, our staff specializes in creating desserts from around the world so you can enjoy a wide variety of flavors, tastes and sensations.

Riverside CA Shaved Ice

Try Our Famous Shaved Ice

If Frozen Delights in Riverside CA is what you’re really craving then we encourage you to try one of our unique shaved ice creations. Our shaved ice is unlike anything you’ve ever tasted before because we create shaved ice in a wide variety of flavors including cream & cheese, red bean shaved ice, mixed berry, chocolate brownie and more!

Riverside CA Churros

Don’t Forget The Churros!

Once you order your Frozen Delights In Riverside CA from Sweet Daily Café don’t forget to take home one of our signature churros since our churros are also unique desserts unlike any you’ve tasted before because we fill our churros with a variety of flavors including chocolate, cream cheese and peanut butter.

Learn More

To learn more about our Frozen Delights in Riverside, CA, click here or stop by Sweet Daily Café today. We’re located at 3740 Iowa Ave, Suite 106 in Riverside. You can also find us on Yelp and Facebook too!

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Churro Dog – The Perfect Combination of Sweet and Salty

One of the great things about desserts is that there’s nothing better than the combination of sweet and salty and at Sweet Daily Café you will enjoy everything that you’re searching for in a dessert, and a savory item, with our churro dog.

Biting To A Churro Dog Is Yummy Good!

At first glance our churro dog might look like a typical hot dog but when you examine it further you will see that the Sweet Daily Café churro dog is wrapped in a churro bun, so you get the pleasure of biting into something that’s delightfully sweet, while enjoying a savory hot dog in the center.

Your Taste Buds Will Go Wild

Imagine biting into this delicious hot dog and enjoying the perfect combination of sweet and salty that will hit your mouth, that’s because a Sweet Daily Café churro dog is created to perfection thanks to our iconic churro bun that cradles a savory foot long hot dog that’s been cooked to perfection.

If you love Long Island style hot dogs and churros this dog is a delicious hot dog that will have a taste unlike anything you’ve tried before!

What Goes Good With A Churro Dog?

When you come to Sweet Daily Café to order a churro dog you should also order a drink with that dog, we recommend that you try one of our signature alkaline-ade drinks, white chocolate green tea or our cold brew tea.

Where Is Sweet Daily Café Located?

Sweet Daily Café is located in the University Village at 3740 Iowa Ave, Suite 106 in Riverside. We take pride in sharing with you or delicious, hand-made desserts and can guarantee that they will be better than anything you can buy in the stores.

Visit us today! Your taste buds will thank you.