Friday, May 27, 2016

Riverside Ca Dessert – Learn More about What You Can Pair Churros With

Learn More About What You Should Eat With Your Churros

So you just bought 24 delicious churros from Sweet Daily Café and are taking them home for you whole family to enjoy but what can you pair those churros with?

Churros are without a doubt one Riverside Ca Dessert that can go with just about anything and you should consider pairing your churros with the following beverages and foods.

Best Beverages to Pair with Churros

Coffee - Yes, coffee is without a doubt one of the best beverages to enjoy with churros, we recommend any Mocha flavored coffee with plenty of cream! If you’re not in the mood for coffee you should consider pairing your churros with hot chocolate instead.

Wine – What? You haven’t paired a churro with wine before? You don’t know what you’re missing. We recommend pairing churros with citrus flavored white wine since this type of wine will not overwhelm the flavor of the churros.

Best Foods to Eat Churros With

When you buy churros at Sweet Daily Café, your Riverside Ca Dessert place, you can order them filled with just about anything including chocolate, cream cheese and peanut butter! So we recommend that you choose wisely when ordering your churros. J

At home you can pair your churros with the following foods:

Ice Cream – Vanilla would work the best.

Chocolate Sauce – If you don’t order your churros filled with chocolate you should consider dipping them in chocolate sauce when you get home.

If you’re having churros after dinner consider pairing them with any Mexican themed dinner or pork (hot dogs) since the saltiness of pork combined with the churros will make for a delicious meal.

Get Your Riverside Ca Dessert

To order a Riverside Ca Dessert visit Sweet Daily Café today at 740 Iowa Ave Ste 106. Riverside, CA 92507 or find us on Yelp by clicking here.

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