Friday, June 10, 2016

Frozen Delights in Riverside CA – Where to Find the Best Shaved Ice and More

Frozen Delights Riverside CA

Are you searching for Frozen Delights in Riverside, CA? If so, why not try Sweet Daily Café?

At Sweet Daily Café we specialize in frozen delights like shaved ice but unlike other dessert places who only offer one thing, we also can offer you a wide variety of other frozen delights too like churros, cakes and so many delicious sweet treats that you just might be tempted to visit us every day of the week.

Delicious Frozen Delights in Riverside CA

When you first step foot in Sweet Daily Café you will notice that something is different compared to other dessert cafés in Riverside and it’s the pride that we take in making delicious desserts that aren’t just generic, our staff specializes in creating desserts from around the world so you can enjoy a wide variety of flavors, tastes and sensations.

Riverside CA Shaved Ice

Try Our Famous Shaved Ice

If Frozen Delights in Riverside CA is what you’re really craving then we encourage you to try one of our unique shaved ice creations. Our shaved ice is unlike anything you’ve ever tasted before because we create shaved ice in a wide variety of flavors including cream & cheese, red bean shaved ice, mixed berry, chocolate brownie and more!

Riverside CA Churros

Don’t Forget The Churros!

Once you order your Frozen Delights In Riverside CA from Sweet Daily Café don’t forget to take home one of our signature churros since our churros are also unique desserts unlike any you’ve tasted before because we fill our churros with a variety of flavors including chocolate, cream cheese and peanut butter.

Learn More

To learn more about our Frozen Delights in Riverside, CA, click here or stop by Sweet Daily Café today. We’re located at 3740 Iowa Ave, Suite 106 in Riverside. You can also find us on Yelp and Facebook too!

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